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Carpet Cleaning

To schedule a carpet cleaning with Ever Kleen, get in contact with our team today.

Carpet Cleaning

Ever Kleen specialises in carpet cleaning. We use a comprehensive range of proven stain removal techniques to completely revitalise old, worn or highly stained carpets.
We can remove even the toughest most ingrained stains from carpets.
Our carpet stain removal service and carpet cleaning service is available to commercial and domestic clients all over Louth and the North East.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our team of stain removal experts are available to come to a client’s residential property and remove even the most stubborn of stains from their carpets.
Our service is available to homeowners, renters and landlords.


For the best in professional commercial carpet cleaning, get in contact with Ever Kleen today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We have an extensive resume of commercial clients.

We have been contracted to clean the carpets of:

Shop Premises
Medical Centres

We only use the very latest carpet cleaning equipment. Ever Kleen has garnered a reputation within the business community for our effective, fast, cost-effective and high-quality carpet cleaning service.
Our contemporary cleaning techniques mean we are tough on the stain but gentle on the carpet fibres.
Regular quality carpet cleaning will prolong the life of a carpet and as such will save clients’ money in the long run.

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