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Domestic Cleaning

To discuss our suite of domestic cleaning services, get in contact with Ever Kleen today.

Spring Clean – House Clean

We provide our clients with a comprehensive spring clean service. Our team of professional cleaners can completely revitalise your home in time for summer.

Landlord –Re-Let Clean

Our team of professional cleaners can quickly and effectively clean a property in preparation for new tenants. Our service covers everything from carpet cleans, to wall stain removal to deep kitchen and toilet cleans.

Carpet Cleaning 

Our deep carpet cleaning service removes stains from the fibres of the carpet. Using a potent mix of modern liquid cleaner and traditional stain removal techniques, we dislodge dust and filth and bring the colour back to your carpet.

Power Washing – External

Our external power washing service utilises pressurised water to clean concrete, stonework, walls and cobblestones. This environmentally friendly service removes ground-in dirt and organic waste without the use of harmful chemicals.
The pressure created from the washer removes all dirt, algae moss and impurities. Our power washing system brings the original colour back to stone, slabs, paving stones and decorative garden features.

The high pressure of the water can also remove nuisance weeds and organic materials without having to resort to potentially dangerous poisons. Not only is power washing extremely effective, it is also extremely fast. Even large driveways, patios and decking areas can be cleaned in a fraction of the time it would take a more traditional cleaning method.

Power washing can be an effective method of removing ugly red algae from a home or business property, without damaging the wall.

Power Washing – External

For the very best in domestic cleaning, get in contact with Ever Kleen today.

Window Cleaning Louth

Ever Kleen is available to clean all types of windows including:

uPVC Windows
Sash Windows
Composite Windows
Stained Glass Windows

Utilising the very latest window cleaning equipment we leave all types of glass and window frames in pristine condition. Our service uses only naturally filtered water that leaves a perfect smudge-free finish.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning Louth

Using the innovative Reach and Wash system, we are able to completely clean fascia and soffits on a property. We avoid the use of harmful chemicals that could damage both the environment and the paint on a building. Our system removes stains, impurities and ugly algae and all organic pollutants.

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked or damaged gutters can eventually lead to serious ceiling and roof damage. Our team of expert and safety-conscious gutter cleaners can completely remove all organic waste and blockages to ensure your gutters look great and function properly.

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